Missionary Support

  1. Meal Campaign

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  2. Missionaries to Ethiopia

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    Rosalyn Parker is a missionary in far away Ethiopia. For over 15years she has been working as a missionary relentless, helping children to learn .
  3. Missionary in Kafachang

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    For over 20years Mr and Mrs Steve Zander have been doing missionary work in Kafachang, reaching out to the unreached community with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. Missionaries in Ethiopia

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    Hundreds of missionaries have left their comfort zones, relations, friends, etc are in the remote areas of ethiopia labouring night and day to bring the gospel of Jesus to the lost and to bring succour to the plight of many through humanitarian services. Your support can mean alot to them. Together...let's make a difference!

Are you a missionary? Are you in need of support and assistance from KJEM ?

Are you a Missionary? Do you need support and assistance from KJEM?

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